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About Silke Schelenz

I am a London and Suffolk based artist. Before settling in the UK I lived in Berlin where I was born and studied medicine. Since childhood I have followed my creative passion. Most of my art work is based on photographs that I take during my travels depicting urban spaces, atmospheric landscapes, silhouettes of people or objects.

I work largely in my Suffolk Studio or the Putney School of Arts with some works also created at Artichokes print-studio (London) and Sudbourne Printmakers (Suffolk). The majority of my printmaking skills  are self taught. Refined over the years in workshops with Jason Hickling, Norman Ackroyd, visits to the international print-studios Scuola Internazionale di Grafica (Venice) and Il Bisonte in Florence. 

My work has been exhibited at international events such as the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts (London), The Masters - Royal Society of Printmakers (London), The Mall Galleries (RBA, London) and Print Biennale (Bulgaria). A number of work is also in private collections.

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